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Policy issues are an important aspect of democracy, so keep an eye out for continued updates throughout the year. Your feedback and perspective are invaluable to her, and she looks forward to the many conversations ahead. 

Economic Development

Sheena isn't afraid of taking on tough topics. She knows that working together is the best path forward and that means building coalitions with all interested parties, i.e., you. Together, we can build an economy that is stronger for workers and small businesses alike.


Sheena's leadership in business gives her firsthand knowledge on working with small businesses and individuals, so she understands how important it is to find the right balance. As a result of the pandemic caused by COVID, small business support is more critical than ever. 


She comes from a working class family and believes in the right to a livable wage for all Texans. As a lifelong learner, Sheena recognizes skill development and new ways of working are vital parts of the equation to grow our economy, create jobs and find new opportunities to improve the lives of Texans. She is the leader we need to navigate through these economic complexities and ensure everyone is given a voice and seat at the table. 


Healthcare is a critical topic in Texas and around the nation. First and foremost, Sheena will stand to expand Medicaid so that we stop giving away our own tax dollars. By supporting Medicaid expansion, we can give millions of people who are working hard, but lack insurance, the opportunity for coverage. The best part? It will save everyone money in the long term by lowering overall premiums.

As it currently stands, we lose out on billions of our own tax dollars every year because we have not yet expanded Medicaid, and we should do better. 

Access to, and affordability of healthcare is a human right for women and men across Texas. Sheena is ready to help Texas implement the steps needed to close the knowing-doing gap. 


Climate Change and Energy Opportunity

Climate change is impacting Texas in multiple ways. We face potential water droughts and increasing temperatures that will result in lower crop yields. Texans continue to see increases in damaging storms by hail, wind and flood damage. We also witnessed firsthand the dangers of not being prepared when we were hit by a winter storm and our entire electrical grid went offline.  


Sheena was born and raised in Texas and her experience working in the insurance and financial services industry has allowed her to see up close the devastating impacts to families, businesses and communities impacted by risks and natural disasters. She understands the time is now to take the threat seriously and recognize the incredible opportunity within the solutions. We can create hundreds of thousands of good, high-paying, long term jobs if we take action. Sheena supports decisions that will lead Texans to have cleaner air to breathe and cleaner water to drink, while also reducing our overall electrical bills due to improved energy efficiency.  


Democracy and Defending
Our Rights to Vote

Sheena has been a lifelong protector of our democracy and believes every vote reflects a voice which should be heard. She recognizes our democracy must be responsive to, reflective of and lead by the diverse communities in which we live, work and play. Texas can lead by example and demonstrate what democracy looks like especially in light of the recent Census data. Instead, the nation has seen how Texas has made it harder to vote and has not allowed voters to choose their elected officials.

Sheena's experience having served in various roles in voter registration and elections uniquely positions her to grasp the significance of both the opportunity and challenges with protecting the sacred right to vote. She is ready to meet this moment and stand up for all Texans.

Public Education and
Property Taxes

Quality education is an economic imperative for the investment into our future.  Funding of our public schools is a top priority so we can recruit, hire and retain educators who can thrive. In order to do this we must increase teachers wages and benefits while also aligning resources to fully fund all day pre-K. Our public schools need to remain safe, healthy environments where students are able to learn and grow and teachers have the necessary resources to effectively and efficiently provide a quality education. Instead of increasing property taxes, we need a more equitable way to fund public schools to address the


injustices that exist today which are disproportionately impacting marginalized communities. Sheena is a product of public education and is a thought leader who is prepared to find better solutions to our future educational needs. 

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